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Mods on the cheap
If you are looking for some performance improvement for the DR650 by spending very little of your hard earned dollars there are a couple things you can do.

The stock BST is set-up for emission legalities and comes quite lean in the idle and cruise throttle range. The pilot circuit screw is set at the factory very lean and the access to this screw is block by a small aluminum plug. Remove the plug and adjust the pilot screw for the smoothest idle... normally 1 to 1-1/4 turns out from lightly seated does the trick.

The stock needle is non-adjustable for the US and Canadian models requiring a shim to richen this area up a tad. Use 3mm flat washer (s) to increase needle height by about .5 to 1mm. Don't go crazy here more is not necessarily better. Install the shim(s) between the white plastic spacer and the needle clip. While you are in there inspect the white plastic spacer for wear on the edges of the bottom side where it contacts the D-shelf in the slide. This is a known wear area causing the bike to run leaner and leaner as the spacer wears and the needle lowers. Flip the spacer if you see wear. Replace the spacer if it's already been flipped.

Remove the snorkel from the airbox. Leave the stock 140 main jet in the carb.
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